Album: Mr. SageBrush: A Decade of Disillusion (2015)

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Song: Necromancer (w/ Alleged Blacc)

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Mr. SageBrush began mixing digital music via synths, drum machines, DAW, sampling, and sequencers in 1998, but has been making mostly synthesizer based tracks most of his life. He served as front man, backing guitarist, and keyboardist for the band 5 ACRES OF FEAR from 2006 to 2012, playing various venues in and around California, mainly in San Francisco. This stint included one 5AOF record released in 2007 on the TuneCore label for digital download via itunes, limited CD release, etc. 5AOF was a regular on the San Bay Area punk/metal scene at multiple venues, most notably at a free show for Amoeba Records Mountain View, and a live acoustic shot with PirateCat Radio FM in San Francisco (2010).

Upon meeting South African born MC TownBoy aka Alleged Blacc, MRSB joined on to produce and engineer his hip hop tracks. That was how MUDHIR was formed (2012). SageBrush added the occasional, hook, verse, and chorus. Together the two released 4 full length records and over 70 tracks in less than two years. MUDHIR remains together as a trio, featuring songwriter/vocalist/hype man KD Tha Golden Oso.

SageBrush had been working on his electro / instrumental concept EP "Last Man Standing" since 2007, but placed that on hold to begin cutting his first solo effort in 2015 titled "The Nihilist".

Mr. SageBrush handles drums, guitar, bass, and keys when necessary for certain tracks, writing all of the lyrical content, including melodies/verses/hooks. Some of his preferred instruments are Akai Miniak Analog Synth, MPC series, MPD Controller, various MIDI surfaces/mixing boards, and several Digital Audio Workstations., BC Rich Warlock, Digitech pedal. ,Korg x5D vintage synth, Stinger Stratocaster, Roland 909 Sequencer, KORG x50 Live Synth, Wurlitzer upright, Mesa Boogie Classic guitar amp, Yamaha Jazz Master bass.